Karlskrona, Sweden


Magnus Holmberg


The story about Roxtec is a true success story. A success story, that like a few other, started in a garage in the early nineties. What got the wheels spinning was the invention of the Multidiameter, a unique solution that makes it possible to seal almost all types of cables and pipes.

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From garage start-Up to global seals leader

Roxtec evolved in that garage for a few months before moving the business to its current locations on the island of Verkö, Karlskrona —— a place where the company’s global headquarters are still. The ambition when starting up was to take at least 50 % of the global market for modular-based-seals.

About 4 years after stating this ambitious goal, it was a fact. The potential of Roxetc was even greater than Mikael could ever had imagined. A higher gear was put in and a brand new mindset was implemented in the company. This lead to some amazing results and Roxtec is today world leading in the supply of modular based seals industry.

In 2005 and 2007, Mikael Blomqvist sold his parts in the company to the well known swedish businessman Rune Andersson who, through his investment group Mellby Gård, continues to develop the company.