Ronneby, Sweden


Michael Blomqvist


In 1995 Mikael Blomqvist founded Metget, a company who became one of the leaders in the market of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). The name Metget came from the company address, Metallgatan in Ronneby, Sweden.

ASSA ABLOY acquired Metget AB in 2003

RFID Technology Goes Mainstream

In 1995 RFID wasn’t particularly common but Mikael had came in contact with this new technology through Swedish business partners. Mikael soon realized the potential of this market with the effect of him starting Metget. But with this start-up Mikael had to face some challenges. This as it turned out that a whole new infrastructure was needed in order to make this technology fully implementable and usable. But what started of in a modest scale soon grew stronger and Metget were one of the market leading companies and with an average growth rate of some 60 % annually.

In the US, the market had grown even more and industry giants Assa Abloy invested heavily in the RFID area with plans for taking over the market. All having the effect that when Metget presented their consolidation plan, an agreement was entered between the two companies and Assa Abloy acquired Metget. The RFID market has since continued to develop and is today a common technology used everywhere.

Metget is as of 2003 part of Assa Abloy.
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