Karlskrona, Sweden


Stefan Bernbo


Storage is both one of today’s most demanding and competetive industries – with enormous possibilities for the player with innovation and performance delivered in the same package.

Want to know more about Compuverde?

A Game-Changer in the Storage Market

In 2011, Mikael Blomqvist in addition to invest financially, became the chairman of Compuverde and started turning the unique technological potential of the company into something ready for the market. And what a development it has been.

Compuverde today supports existing as well as future storage needs by providing a software-defined and horizontally aligned storage platform and is being used by telecom-, bank-, media- and surveillance companies all over the world. Global by demand, Swedish by design, Compuverde is history in the making by redefining an entire industry.

In 2019 Compuverde was acquired by San Francisco based Pure Storage,