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Reagan Jarvis


Biotech has in one way or another been around for thousands of years, yet is constantly driving cutting edge research and innovation — perhaps today more than ever.

An innovative therapeutic biotechnology company

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Engineered Immunity

An emerging biotech with transformative potential and the mission to establish a unique technology platform for analysis of T-cell biology to unlock the therapeutic potential of T-cell immunity.
Anocca’s technologies enable the highly precise and efficient analysis of T-cell biology required to deliver a range of therapeutics that specifically harness or manipulate T-cell immunity in a number of disease areas. With a focus on delivering TCR-modified T-cell therapies (TCR-T) in oncology, Anocca is rapidly progressing a pipeline of novel T-cell therapies towards clinical trials utilizing our own manufacturing capabilities.

Anocca’s powerful technologies are also being deployed to develop a range of novel therapeutic and prophylactic products in oncology, infectious disease and autoimmunity.