Gotland, Sweden


Location for photo and filming

Studio Furillen

Sun. Wind. Nature. Light. Peace and quiet in amazing interior designs and surroundings. A opportunity to recreate, breath, recharge and create. The unique construction, that almost seems to be floating over the ground, provides a sense of privacy as well as an amazing space for creativity.

An award-winning environment

Studio Furillen is a place for innovation

Studio Furillen is a place that with innovative architecture easily can be turned into whatever will fit your mood and needs. A studio where you can come to find new inspiration, give life to new innovations or just to relax for a while in award-winning environments.

Convinced that the combination of nature, the building itself and isolated location would be ideal to benefit both business and pleasure, brain and heart, Mikael Blomqvist had Studio Furillen built in 2011. The architect behind the fantastic steel construction is Andreas Forsberg and the duo’s masterpiece has continued to amaze ever since.